Is It Weird to Have a Dog Stroller? (14 Reasons It’s NOT..)

First, there were pet beds, then tote bags, and now we have dog strollers.

However, the common opinion from non-dog owners or dog owners with perfectly healthy dogs is that dogs have four legs and should walk instead of being pushed around like a baby.

They hence see it as ridiculous.

So, Is It Weird to Have a Dog Stroller?

No! while the sight of a dog in a stroller is almost always hilarious, not all dogs deserve your mockery, nor do the owners. Most of these dogs require sitting in the stroller and even require your empathy. Dog strollers are beneficial for elderly, sick, or injured dogs that still enjoy an outdoor walk. Most small dogs get anxious when confronted by bigger dogs, and the stroller gives them some sense of comfort and security.

If you like taking your dog for your daily run, smaller dogs cannot keep up with a longer distance. As a result, the dog can ride in the stroller when they tire. Strollers can also benefit some people, including the elderly, physically impaired, and travelers, by making it easy to manage the dog, unlike when it’s on the leash.

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Which Dogs Need a Dog Stroller?

Let’s look at some types of dogs that might need you to get a dog stroller.

1. Elderly dogs

One of the most common dogs categories you will find in a stroller is elderly dogs.

Elderly dogs often feel tired to walk for long distances like they used to.

A dog stroller will help encourage your aging dog to get outdoors and enjoy some fresh air.

Enjoying some fresh air and warm sun will be good for your old guard.

2. Sick dogs

Sick dogs are likely to be too tired or weak to move. A stroller can help with getting your pet into the veterinarian easily.

The dog stroller also offers a measure of lining between your dog and other patients.

3. Rescued dogs

Rescued dogs can also benefit from a dog stroller.

It provides a level of security and makes your rescued dog feel safe.

An adopted dog with a scary experience may initially fear other humans, dogs, or animals.

A dog stroller will help you take a step towards introducing your rescued dog to the outdoors. It will be a step towards enjoying your life in public.

4. Dogs With Hip Dysplasia

Dogs that get hip or even elbow dysplasia are often large dogs that have stayed an active life.

While surgery can help some dogs, some are not perfect candidates for unnecessary medical procedures.

Fortunately, there are all kinds of strollers with even designs that fit the larger dogs.

Having a stroller for your dog will make him feel like he is still the big man without worsening the injuries.

5. Disabled dogs

Initially, handicapped or disabled dogs were considered no use to anyone and were normally put to sleep.

Although your dog might be handicapped or disabled, they still deserve to live a happy and fulfilling life.

Your dog is a part of the family, and if they become disabled, you should do your best to make them comfortable and feel loved.

A dog stroller will help transport your disabled dog, particularly during bad weather.

6. Dogs With Heartworm

Dogs diagnosed with heartworm need to be inactive for months to prevent damaging their organs.

Giving your heartworm-positive dog an outing will help lift their spirit.

The stroller material will also prevent mosquitos from biting your dog and potentially spreading the illness.

Which Dog Owners Require Dog Strollers?

As stated above, strollers can be beneficial to some dogs. Some people can also benefit from having a dog stroller.

1. The Physically Impaired

Individuals with limited mobility might have difficulty handling a dog on a leash. However, having the dog in a stroller may be a great option.

2. The Elderly

Active dog owners enjoy taking their pets on a walk as they interact with other people around the area.

However, this might be dangerous for older adults trying to manage their dogs.

They can be rapidly pulled off balance by the dog.

Fortunately, a stroller offers an elderly individual extra walking stability when keeping the dog well contained.

3. Individuals With Multiple Dogs

Walking with multiple dogs can be challenging and is better reserved for professionals.

The leashes can easily wrap around your legs, calling for disaster.

Keeping your dogs well restrained in a stroller will keep both you and your dogs safe.

4. Travelers

If you need to travel with your pet, you need a dog stroller.

Most transport companies will allow you to travel with your dog, but you must secure them in a stroller.

The stroller will also help keep the dog calm and offer them privacy, as most strollers have good covers.

Incidents That May Call for A Pet Stroller

1. Busy streets

Moving through the streets with lots of pedestrians getting into your way can be stressful even for us. So, what about your little dog?

The quick pace, different sounds, trodden paws, scenery changes can be a nightmare.

This is why dog strollers are becoming increasingly popular in big cities like New York.

Using a stroller can get you and your dog through the city with minimal stress.

Hence, it is a great idea to take your dog in the dog stroller and then allow them to get their exercise when you finally get into the park.

2. Weather

Based on where you live, the climate can be really hot in the summer or cold in the winter.

Dogs can similarly suffer from cold and heat strokes similar to humans.

A stroller is perfect when your dog needs to be protected from elements.

During the winter, the snow, ice, slush, and salty grit covering the road can irritate your dog’s feet, particularly if they have to walk on them regularly.

While they have to exercise and walk during the summer, a stroller is ideal for getting the cold and heat off.

3. Dog shows

Some dog breeders and owners are very proud of their pets that they take them for exhibition in various dog shows throughout the year.

Here is where a dog stroller comes in very handy. No stressed pet will ever come first in the competition; therefore, keep them stressed and calm-free in their stroller.

They can rest and stay away from other dogs in the stroller and can easily be transported from one showground to another.

Fortunately, double-deck strollers that can house more than one dog are available, offering their private compartment.

4. Work

If you are among the fortunate people who get to bring your dog to work, a dog stroller can make it easy to work with your dog.

A stroller offers a safe place for your dog to retreat, keeping them settled down as you work.

Also, smaller dogs enjoy being at higher elevations on the stroller, allowing them to sit closer to you at your working desk.

Place in some toys, and your stroller will be upgraded into a puppy playpen.

Bottom Line

Using a dog stroller is not weird at all. It provides you and your dog the freedom to travel anywhere that the adventures might take you.

A final bit of advice is that you should not try repurposing a child’s stroller.

A child stroller has a different design and will not be as safe or comfortable for the dog.

With a dog stroller, you and your dog can enjoy enhanced mobility together.


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