Is It Weird To Get A Tattoo Of Your Pet? (Eight Tips For Success!)

Your pet is a central part of your life, and in their honor, some people may choose to get a tattoo of their pet.

This is not weird, and many people have tried it, with some getting some exceptional results. If you love your pet, why not get a tattoo of them?

Getting A Pet Tattoo

A tattoo of your pet is not something weird but one of the best ways of remembering them.

In honor of the countless hours that you have had with your pet, you can decide to have their tattoo made on your skin.

Usually, some outstanding acreage of skin will do the trick, including your arms and chest.

Somewhere visible is also required to ensure that the pet is cast in the best ink.

Whether your pets have died or are still with you, here are several helpful tips about your pet tattoos that you will find to be quite valuable.

The Entire Pet or a Paw

Some people prefer to have the entire pet tattooed on their skin, but others will usually choose a part of the pet they love most.

For instance, someone that has a dog might decide to have paw prints tattooed on their skin.

Other dog lovers will notice the tattoo, and this can quickly strike conversations and lead to more fulfilling ventures in life.

Your cat is better tattooed as a whole since they are known to take up less space, and it wouldn’t hurt to have the entire cat on some portion of your skin.

If you plan to get a pet tattoo on your skin, it helps to do a bit of research first.

You can conduct an internet search on Pinterest and Instagram and see what other pet owners are doing.

You might be lucky to find something inspiring that will determine the design and type of tattoo that you decide to get for yourself.

Eight Essential Tips for Getting Pet Tattoos

To get the best ink on your skin, some valuable tips will prove to be quite helpful for you.

1. Be Creative

Consider the fact that the design will be etched in your skin forever, and think about one that represents the powerful personality of your pet.

A portrait is usually the best way to capture your pet in the best pose and better use the available space. It also looks more professional, and the artist will love doing their work.

2. Find a Good Artist

Look for the kind of artist you will instantly connect with and one who will like their style. An artist you are comfortable with is also recommended since they will be working on an art piece on your body.

Some portfolios are available online, and some artists are known to have Instagram accounts that showcase the nature of their work. Based on these accounts, you can quickly get an idea of their style and skill level before deciding on the kind of tattoo you would like.

3. Give the Artist Enough References

When scheduling the tattoo for your pet with the artist, you must provide them with enough reference materials.

This can be a photo of your pet and other inspiration images you might have discovered on the internet.

These will include elements that you would like the artist to include in their art.

Ensure that the photos are clear and properly lit to ensure that the artist can capture them as correctly as possible in the tattoo.

4. Trust the Skill of your Artist

Once you have played your part and supplied the required reference materials and resources, the rest is up to the artist.

Trust the artist to deliver their best work and always speak your mind if you feel uncomfortable about anything.

Feel free to make suggestions about the size or the design of the tattoo and be willing to hear what the artist has to say about certain stylistic aspects of the tattoo.

Trust me, you will have a much easier time, and the artist’s experience will be evident in the design and nature of work that they will provide you in the end.

The artist has made many tattoos, and they know the changes they can make to your concept to bring out the best personality of your pet.

Trust this advice and the fact that your artist has many years of experience.

5. Ask Questions

If there are aspects of the tattooing process that you do not understand, feel free to ask questions.

Feel comfortable when you ask the questions, and your artist will be more than happy to provide you with all the answers you are looking for.

These answers will boost your confidence and prepare you for the entire process of getting a tattoo of your pet.

They will also help to establish a rapport with the artist, which is suitable for their profession.

6. Tip your Tattoo Artist

Tattoos are never cheap but in addition to the amount that you will be asked to pay, remember to leave a tip for the artist.

The tip is essential and will ensure that you get the best service from the start to the end.

A happy artist is also a good artist, and they will appreciate the quality of work they have delivered to keep up their excellent work.

7. Go Big

A tiny tattoo is not always the best kind of tattoo.

The tattoo you get must remain clear and visible for as long as possible.

A prominent tattoo design is what the artist will usually recommend, and there are many reasons for this.

For instance, the size of the tattoo will ensure that your pet is visible for much longer.

The larger tattoos also tend to age better than the smaller ones, and they represent the total efficiency and professionalism of the artist.

8. Be Original

Originality is the main aim of tattoos, and as such, you should avoid copying other people’s tattoos. It is considered a rude habit to copy tattoos from others, so you should work with your artist on an original piece instead of copying.

Get as creative as you can about the tattoo and ensure that it is made so that it captures the entire personality of your pet.

Additionally, originality provides that you have a unique piece that does not exist anywhere else, which is essential for tattoos.


A tattoo of your pet is something perfectly normal to get, and many people have been known to keep memories of their pets by getting a tattoo made on their skin.

Even when they are alive, getting a tattoo of your pet ensures that you get to keep more authentic and genuine memories of the moments you had with the pets.

The tips provided in the sections above will prove immensely helpful when you eventually get down to getting a tattoo of your pet.

It is not weird to get a tattoo at all, and some people have been known to get pretty big tattoos of their pets with plenty of design changes and modifications.

Remember to work with your artist and accept their recommendations and suggestions.

This way, you will achieve the best kind of tattooing results and an experience that you will love and appreciate.


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