Are Poodles Good for First-Time Dog Owners? (Seven Reasons They Are)

Are you thinking of adding a poodle to your life?

Congratulations! However, some breeds need more experience and effort, while others are more suited for first-time owners, depending on the unique characteristics and personalities of each dog breed.

So, Are Poodles Good for First-Time Dog Owners?

Absolutely yes! Poodles are an excellent pick for first-time owners. Although they require regular grooming, all poodle varieties have similar personality traits, including; high intelligence, a happy spirit, a balanced character, and moderate temper. They are energetic, easy to train, and love being with people most times which are essential characteristics for first-time dog owners. Overall, poodles can be a perfect choice for first-time owners as long as they can dedicate adequate time to their play and exercise as well as give them regular grooming.

Why Are Poodles Good for First-Time Dog Owners?

1. Adorably Cute

Although poodles originate from France, today, they have gained global popularity for their attractive hairdos and cuteness.

They come with round balls of fluff around the ankles and head that give them a unique teddy bear appearance.

Additionally, their soulful brown eyes and long snouts are cute and a favorite for most dog enthusiasts.

2. Hypoallergenic

Do you have fur allergies or find yourself frequently sneezing when around dander?

You don’t have to worry when it comes to a poodle. Poodles are single coat, non-shedding, and have about zero drool.

Because the hair grows instead of shedding, poodles will not leave fur all over your house.

3. Poodles Have A Super High IQ

Are you looking for beauty and brains? No dog beats the poodle.

According to statistics from the Smart Canine, Poodles are the second most intelligent and obedient dog breed out of more than a hundred breeds.

They are easily trainable and smart, often learning new tricks on the third and fourth try.

This is amazing compared to other dog breeds. More so, poodles are naturally developed to please their owners and are not stubborn.

This makes a perfect pick for first-time owners with no prior dog training experience.

4. Get Along Well With Kids And Other Pets

Another character that makes poodles the best for first-time dog owners is that they can get along well with others.

In particular, standard poodles will happily interact and play with kids.

The smaller breeds can, however, get overwhelmed by children for their size. More so, when poodles are socialized while still young, they will get along with other pets well.

5. Poodles Are Excellent Watchdogs

Most first-time dog owners looking to bring in a new dog might be concerned about barking.

This is understandable because some dog breeds are scandalously noisy.

Other breeds such as the Golden Retriever will greet a home intruder with kisses and a wagging tail.

What makes poodles best is that they feature a mix of both personalities.

They are moderate barkers who won’t defend your home aggressively.

The fact that poodles are intelligent will alert you to an intruder or visitor at the door.

They know when they should bark and when they should stay quiet. Perfect, isn’t it?

6. Ideal Size, Not Too Small, Not Too Big…

Wolfhound is too large. On the other hand, Chihuahuas are very small.

For a first-time dog owner, a Poodle provides the perfect size for both house dwellers and apartments alike.

Poodles are available in three sizes; toy, miniature, and standard.

These are all poodles, only that they have different weights and heights.

  •  Standard: 45-7- pounds
  • Miniature: 15-17 pounds
  • Toy: 6-9 pounds

The wide poodle size ranges make it easy for new dog owners to pick a poodle ideal for their particular lifestyle and canine comfort levels.

7. Have A Longer Than Average Lifestyle

Naturally, dogs do not live long enough, and we have to live with that fact.

It’s no surprise that many people would want to be pet owners but are hesitant to add a dog to their family for fear of falling in love with their dog and then losing them too soon.

But when it comes to poodles, while there is no guarantee, poodles are popular for their longevity.

According to the Veterinarians at PetMD, a Standard Poodle has an average life expectancy of 12 years.

Toy Poodles have an even higher probability of getting into their golden senior years, even as long as 14 or 16 years. For first-time dog owners, this will be a big plus.

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The Drawbacks of Owning a Poodle for First-Timers

Now that we know the advantages of getting a poodle as a first-time dog owner, it would be irresponsible to say poodles don’t have any challenges.

1. Requires Plenty Of Exercises And Playtime

Poodles are social and don’t do well by themselves.

You should hence be sure to create plenty of time for your fur baby.

Poodles are quite playful and highly energetic.

Hence they need a lot of exercises to stay happy.

Despite their glamorous appearance, they are active canine friends that require more than an hour for exercise daily.

If you don’t own a big garden, you should ensure your poodle stretches its legs regularly by taking it to the park. s

2. Regular Health Issues

A pure Poodle breed might have more health problems than other breeds.

According to the Poodle Club of America, poodles are constantly faced with genetic health issues including; epilepsy, Addison’s disease, cancer, and hip dysplasia.

More so, poodles who engage in sports events such as dock diving, agility, and retriever hunt tests require to be careful with sprains and injuries.

3. High Cost Of Grooming

While some dog breeds require little grooming, a poodle is not one of them.

Poodles have curly fur that requires frequent clipping and professional grooming for at least every four to six weeks.

If you neglect the fur, your poodle will be covered in knots, mattes, and tangles.

Additionally, to avoid being forced to shave your poodle bald or the dog getting skin infections, you will require it to invest in frequent grooming.

The nails also grow relatively fast hence require to be trimmed after every few weeks.

However, a single trip to the groomer for a basic groom can cost $35 to $140.

More popular and fancier styles such as; lion, teddy bear, lamb, or English saddle will be on the higher end.

Overall, poodles require a significant amount of money to care for their grooming needs. So, if you choose to get one, you should prepare to budget accordingly.

4. Food Expenses

Poodles require to be fed high-quality food to look their best and keep healthy.

If you get a Standard Poodle, it will likely consume about thirty pounds of premium dog food per month.

If you have not viewed the price of premium-quality food lately, you might be shocked.

A 30-pound bag of premium dog food is going for about $50.

However, don’t even think about purchasing cheap grocery store dog food, as it will add more bills on you when you go to the vet.


Millions of dog enthusiasts fall in love with poodles. It is no surprise that poodles are the seventh most popular breed in the USA.

Overall, this is a perfect dog breed for first-time owners willing to dedicate their energy and time to raising these amazing pets.

Being a playful breed but highly trainable, poodles will give you a companion that doesn’t make you sneeze, watches over your home, and can be a playful and great friend for your children.


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