Is It Bad to Play Budgie Sounds to Your Budgie??

Budgies are prone to get stressed if things are too quiet during the day.

This is why providing them with some serene background noise and music is essential.

However, most budgie owners wonder whether they can play budgie sounds to their budgie.

So, Is It Bad to Play Budgie Sounds to Your Budgie?

No, it is not bad to play budgie sounds to your budgie. Some budgie owners claim that their budgies like listening to recorded budgie sounds. However, you should be observing your budgie and see if it enjoys listening to other budgies. If your budgie enjoys the sounds, they will probably bob their head and enjoy it as if they are together.

On the other hand, listening to prerecorded budgies may cause confusion or stress to other budgies.

Some budgies might get upset when you play budgie noise and start calling out for them non-stop, which may not be very healthy.

Your budgie might wonder why the birds they hear are not responding to their calls, and they will feel anxious and trapped as they cannot find the source of your sound.

Playing bird noises does not replace the need for company. Budgies are social creatures and normally become happier when kept in flocks or pairs.

If you don’t have sufficient ties to socialize and interact with your budgie, getting another budgie to give him company is recommended.

You should hence be cautious about playing pre-recorded bird sounds because it often does more harm than good.

Why Do Budgies Like Music?

Music provides a sense of safety to your bird. Budgies often get stressed if the surroundings get very quiet during the daytime.

Silence means a predator is close by; hence, they fly to safety.

However, when confined in a room or cage at home, budgies cannot fly to a place where they feel safer. Therefore, providing some calming background music or nose to your budgie gives it a sense of safety.

After sundown, the jungle becomes quite silent, so the budgies will prefer silence at night to sleep well.

Additionally, budgies like the simple joy provided by music. when you watch your budgie chirping and bopping along with some music, it’s obvious they are enjoying it and having fun.

They are happier and more relaxed.

Music can also help strengthen the bond between the owner and the bird and be an amazing source of stimulation.

What Type of Music Do Budgies Like?

Pet birds love music as much as they love singing.

They like many music types. To determine the music genre they prefer, you will have to watch your bird’s reaction closely.

Do not expect an enormous reaction with every budgie or each song.

Some budgies are not bothered by music, while others require to listen to the same piece on a few different days before getting excited by it.

Some budgie prefers rock music, while others like calming nature sounds.

Next, you have party budgies that dance along to any music. If you are stuck for ideas, some types of music that budgies like include;

1. Serene music

Like most other pet birds, Budgies often react fondly to peaceful, serene, and quiet music.

Loud music is a no for budgies.

New Age music and Soft classical music are two genres that may put your budge’s mind at ease.

Not only can the right music help enhance your budgie’s overall positive feelings, but it also helps cover up sounds that may scare your budgie, including persistent outdoor construction.

2. Nature sounds

Your budgies will greatly appreciate nature sounds.

They love this type of music because it is very peaceful and beautiful. The music you play for the budgie does not necessarily need to be melodic; it should only be easy on your ears.

The sounds of light waves, waterfalls, falling rain, and flowing rivers are effective natural sounds to make your parakeet feel good.

Some of these nature tunes could be playful and beautiful at the same time, and your budgie will surely like them. Just ensure not to play sounds that feature any predator calls.

3. Pop Music

Although it’s not particularly serene, many pet birds also have fun listening to pop songs from the radio.

Many budgies are particularly partial to music featuring vocals, while some enjoy only listening to people talk.

Also, keep in mind that although many birds react well to a particular type of music, all birds have unique tastes and preferences.

You can try different radio stations to see what your budgie responds to. You might even find that you have common tastes.

4. You Choose

You can also try and condition your budgie to appreciate certain music types.

In this situation, you should go for placid music. Wait for your budgie’s most content and happiest times and switch on the music.

Repeat this on several occasions, and with time, a positive association to the music will be firmly established.

You should also turn on the music every night before your bird sleeps for a peaceful time.

Signs Of Stressed Budgie

If you see the following signs after switching on some music, your budgie is probably not enjoying it.

Some of the symptoms of stress that you should take seriously include;

1. Self-injury

If your budgie is stressed, they might start plucking out their feathers or even cause injuries to themselves with their beaks.

They may continue to injure themselves even after turning off the music because a stress response takes some time to wind down.

2. Lunging and biting

If your budgie lunges or bites at you or another bird, they might be frightened or stressed.

If budgies cannot leave the place where they feel stressed and unsafe, they may engage in aggressive behavior. It does not mean they are grumpy.

3. Screaming

Happy budgies may chirp along with the music or other budgie sounds. However, if they are screaming, it is a sign that they are not happy.

It is normal to have some squawking, but they should not be too loud.

If you are not sure if the sound is too loud, it is recommended that you spend more time with your budgie and understand their habits.

Soon, you will be able to tell its normal behavior and what you should be concerned about.

How To Calm Down Your Budgie

If the budgie seems stressed after playing music, calm them down through soft talks.

Do not move too quickly or put your hand in the cage with a stressed bird as it might scratch or bite you.

Budgies don’t get much love and comfort from their mothers like kittens or puppies hence don’t associate handling with calmness.

It is not advisable to try to stroke or cuddle your budgie if they are stressed.

Just provide them with the space they require to figure things out independently.

You should save the attention for the times when your budgie asks for it and give them a choice to be their own if they are not in the mood.


Some budgies appreciate listening to the sounds of other budgies, while others might get stressed.

You should hence play the budgies’ sound and observe how they react.

It can be highly comforting to your budgie, and they may even begin singing and talking along.

However, if your budgies seem stressed, you should turn off the music tunes and instead play other types of music that your budgie seems to like.


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