(As Responsible Parent) Can You Leave Pet Rabbits Alone for A Weekend?

Bunnies are fun pets to keep around your home.

These fleecy creatures are bundles of joy that you will want to cuddle all day long.

However, when you need to travel or have commitments out of your home, you might wonder how long you can leave the pet rabbits alone.

So, Can You Leave Pet Rabbits Alone for A Weekend?

Yes, you can, but it’s not recommended. Rabbits are affectionate and social pets but are not particularly independent. They get stressed and depressed without their owners giving them attention. However, if you are just away for the weekend, you can ensure they get everything they require so you can spend the weekend away from home without worrying so much about their health.

You only need to ensure they have sufficient, well-contained water and food to last the entire weekend, as well as ensure the rabbits have access to several toys to keep them entertained. A few days in the hutch is not a very big deal for rabbits as long as the cage is big enough to have sufficient room to exercise and play and has the essentials. The essentials here include; toys, litter box, waterer, and hay manger.

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Ten Things To Plan Beforehand When Leaving Rabbits Alone

Sometimes, leaving a rabbit alone is inevitable.

You may have a family emergency that involves traveling.

You can also be beckoned to a work meeting far from home.

If you will be away for the weekend, you should leave things well planned to ensure your rabbits are okay.

These include;

1. Get A Bunny Sitter

Above everything else, your bunnies require regular companionship.

The rabbits will miss you while you are away.

Another human might not be the same, but most bunnies will take any company available.

Get a rabbit seater that visits your rabbit a few times a day.

During the visits, the sitter will offer a companion to your rabbits while taking care of their needs, including;

  •  Freshwater
  •  Swapping put rabbit toys
  •  Cleaning the rabbit litter box
  •  Rabbit playtime

2. Introduce The Sitter In Advance

Introducing strangers to your bunnies can sometimes cause them stress.

Your bunny requires a chance of getting to be familiar with their bunny sitter before you go away for the weekend.

Similarly, the sitter requires an opportunity to get to understand your rabbits and their needs. It is recommendable that the rabbit sitter visits at least two times before you leave them.

Also, prepare your bunnies’ typical schedule for the sitter as most rabbits are used to having attention and company at specific times.

If the routine is sustained, your pet will be more content and happier.

3. Consider A Bigger Hay Feeder

Regardless of how good your bunny sitter is, they will not take care of your bunnies as well as you do when you are around.

They can even be hours late to your house to check the rabbits.

You don’t want your rabbit to run out of food, so you should consider getting a bigger hay feeder.

4. Get Larger Water Bowl

Water is even more essential than food and hay for your rabbits’ health.

If your rabbits stay without water for more than one day, you will be risking the health of your rabbit. Therefore, you should not risk your bunny running out of water.

Normally, if you water your bunny in a small water bowl, this won’t work when you are away on vacation.

At the very least, you will require replacing the bowl with a bigger bowl or even two if one gets dumped.

You can also consider using a rabbit water bottle that attaches to the exterior of the rabbits’ cage so that it won’t spill.

5. Get A Bigger Litter Box

If your rabbit’s litter box gets very messy, your rabbit will most likely stop using it.

This will result in a big mess for your bunny sitter or yourself to clean up.

Unfortunately, if your rabbits have a habit of not using the litter box, you will have to deal with so much mess when you get back home.

Having a larger litter box means it will take longer to get so untidy for your rabbit to use it. It may be worth the investment before you leave them for the weekend.

6. Cleanliness

Rabbits are naturally clean animals.

However, if your absence stresses your pet, she might neglect to groom. Rabbits should be kept clean, particularly around the bottom, to avoid the risks experienced by unclean rabbits.

Explain to the bunny seater how to groom the rabbit, which will also help the seater bond with your bunny.

Your rabbits’ hutch will also require regular cleaning if you are away for more than a few days.

Therefore, ensure your rabbit seater knows how to do so while also ensuring that the litter trays are cleaned daily and the moldy food regularly removed from the cage.

7. Rabbit Toys

Before leaving your rabbit alone for the weekend, you need to ensure it does not get boring.

To keep the bunnies entertained, it is recommendable to get a variety of rabbit toys and have the rabbit sitter switch out the toys every time they visit.

The new toys will keep the rabbits stimulated for a while.

But you don’t have to purchase all the available rabbit toys; you can find various great free toys around your home.

8. Introduce New Rabbit Equipment Right Away

Ensure that you introduce any new bunny equipment to your rabbits’ days or weeks before leaving for vacation.

You want to provide your rabbits time to get used to the new waterers, feeders, litter box, etc., before trying to get used to you being away.

9. Consider Using Timer Technology

With the current technology, you can now get lights, music, or a video timer. Provide your rabbits with a sense of normalcy by having light timers.

If possible, you should have the lights go off at your normal bedtime so that your rabbits’ normal bedtime and sleep patterns are not affected.

The lights will also make your home look occupied, and your bunny sitter will not be going into a dark unacquainted home.

You can also try entertaining your rabbit by having videos and music on timers for remote activation.

10. Invest In A Remote Monitor

If you are a worrying rabbit’s owner, you should consider investing in a remote monitor.

You can get an affordable IP Video Camera to help you monitor your pets from your phone during vacation.

This can serve as the peace of mind that you require to enjoy your vacation.

You can also get a camera with two-way audio, so your rabbit can hear your familiar voice from one time to another.


Can you leave pet rabbits alone for a weekend?

Yes, you can leave the bunnies alone as long as you ensure they have everything you need when you are away.

But except for unavoidable situations, it’s never a great idea to leave your rabbits alone.

If you will be gone for long, it’s always advisable to get someone to look after them while you are away.

By following the above-reviewed tips, your rabbits should be fine for the weekend.