How Many Budgies Is Too Many? What Is A Good Number?

Budgies are flock birds that live together happily.

It is a more preferred pet for its small size, playful antics, and easy-care requirements.

Because budgies are social, having more than one budgie greatly enhances their quality of life.

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But, How Many Budgies Is Too Many?

There are so many variables involved in this question, that it is difficult to give a definitive answer. Having multiple budgies is great if you have the resources, time, and patience to care for your birds. You have too many birds if you don’t have the energy and time to give all of them the individual attention they require, you can’t observe each one individually to assess their health, you lack the financial resources to provide their needs, and you can’t maintain the mess under control providing a healthy environment for them and yourself.

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What Is A Good Number?

A good number is the many budgies you can properly look after.

Four birds are the maximum number of budgies you should probably have.

Having more than four birds will likely make you compromise the quality of their lives.

You will struggle to have sufficient time to give them all the attention they require, some requiring more than others.

Overall, budgies are attention seekers that want proper attention from their owners.

Therefore, if you want to enjoy your time with budgies and give them maximum attention, it is better to own two or four budgies in a cage or your house.

Budgies require proper diet, time, and area.

These are the essential things you must put to play while owning the budgies and determining how many budgies are too many for you.

Why Do Budgies Require a Companion?

Budgies are social creatures.

This means that keeping one budgie in a cage is risking their mental health.

If you keep only one budgie, they will feel sad and lonely, which might cause their health to hurt.

A budgie requires at least one companion so that they can play with one another when you are not at home.

They will be communicating with each other, serenading, and playing together.

Four budgies in a single cage are enough as more than four will be so noisy, making your house unconducive.

If you want to introduce opposite-sex budgies, you will need to plan a large house.

A female budgie lays four to six eggs meaning you have to purchase the flight cage for the young ones.

Therefore, if you aren’t comfortable with many budgies, you should consider keeping birds of the same sex.

Budgies are joyful birds, particularly in pairs, and establish an amazing bond.

You can also allow your budgie birds to get out of their cages and enjoy the atmosphere, but with safety measures in place to prevent them from running away from home.

How To Introduce New Budgies to Older Budgies?

Budgies are easy-going birds. Most budgies are different from each other based on whether it’s a male, female, older, or younger budgie.

If you have one budgie, you can get another budgie to keep him company while you are not at home.

While it is quite easy to introduce a new budgie, you must take some precautions and steps when introducing the bird to the older budgie.

Once you get the new budgie, it is essential to ensure they are healthy.

Take the bird for veterinary assessment even if you have purchased it from a renowned breeder.

When the vet confirms the budgie is healthy, you can go ahead and take it home with you.

At first, budgies don’t like sharing their room with other new companions, but they will start interacting with each other with time.

If you purchase a new budgie, you should not put it directly in a cage. After putting the new budgie in its cage, you should observe the reaction of the resident budgies.

You should not put a new budgie into the cage of another budgie or one with a pair of budgies, even if the birds appear to be getting along with each other outside the cage.

Otherwise, this is like bringing a stranger into your bedroom without your permission.

For a safer introduction, you should start by ensuring the new budgie has its cage and keeping the cages side-by-side to allow for socialization in neutral territory.

This way, they will interact safely with each other in separate cages.

The new budgies will ultimately choose the residence they prefer by observing the introductory visits to each other’s cage.

The safer instruction to your budgies will help decrease the bickering and quarreling.

Once you purchase your new budgie, you should keep it separate in its cage and begin training your new budgie.

When you lastly introduce your bird to each other, it’s recommended to place them in neutral territory, such as a play stand, and allow them to select their favorite cage.

This method allows both the budgies to stay tame and interact with each other and you. The new budgie will soon find its position in the pecking order.

Can You Keep Two Female Budgies or Male Budgies Together?

The answer is yes! You can keep two budgies of the same sex together.

However, there are things you should understand when considering whether you want to keep two females or males together.

Keeping two male budgies in the same cage is more recommendable than keeping two females.

Males are less territorial than females and mostly get along with each other well.

However, you should ensure that the cage is large enough to house two male budgies comfortably, allowing them to stretch out and fly from perch to perch.

Because male bulges are not very territorial, you are likely to have fewer fights, and you can easily get away with having just one water and food bowl.

On the other hand, females are territorial, and hence keeping two females can be a bit problematic.

They hence require a larger cage than males to avoid territorial fights.

It is also recommended to provide each of them with a water and food bowl, identical toys, and perches to avoid engaging in fights.

Generally, if you keep two budgies of the same sex, they will still bond over time and start getting on well.

But there are always exceptions to this rule because each budgie has its own personality.

What Occurs When You Own Too Many Budgies in A Cage?

Budgies start to perceive their cage as home, and they stay happy with each other.

However, keeping too many budgie birds in one cage will create noise and health problems between budgies.

They will begin irritating each other, and there are chances they will start fighting each other because of suffocation in a cage.

A cage is their home where they play, live, sleep, and fly.

They will not like to stay in a suffocating area.

They like freedom within their cage.

Therefore, if you have many budgies, it is better to have more than two cages.

Having too many budgies in a cage will risk their lives, and they may get ill.

It is possible that having too many budgies in a cage can make the owner neglect other budgies.

Bottom line

Budgies are docile and friendly birds which makes them one of the popular pet birds worldwide.

But although they are social, staying alone for a long time can make them depressed, lonely, and sick.

Giving a companion will make them joyful.

Nevertheless, if you keep more than two budgies, you should ensure you have adequate resources and time to take care of each budgie ultimately.