Is It Weird for A Single Guy to Have a Cat? (Not At All!)

Stereotypes define the world we live in.

Cat owners and the cats themselves are more susceptible to more categorization.

Most people consider cats to be female pets. Single men that own cats are hence often regarded with suspicion.

So, Is It Weird For A Single Guy To Be A Cat Owner?

No, it is not weird for a single guy to have a cat! Cats are fun, and lots of men have cats. Cats are great pets and do not have anything to do with your sexuality. Some women consider men with cats as less appealing and less masculine as partners. This is a detrimental stereotype because cats are not different from other household pets. Male cat lovers are caring, great communicators, and self-confident. If a guy has a cat, he should be commended as innumerable feline shelters require to house homeless cats. Single guys with cats are just kind-hearted animal lovers. There is nothing weird about them.

Why Are Cats Viewed as Feminine Pets?

Cats have lots of stereotypes in culture and society.

For instance, black cats are linked to witches, a superstition that dates back to the fourteenth century.

It is also viewed that cats should only accompany females assuming that cats can distinguish between women and men.

However, there is no evidence to prove this.

Some of the reasons why cats are considered as female pets include;

  • Cats rarely enjoy rough play, unlike dogs.
  • Pop culture depicts cats as the pet of choice for most single women
  • People associate the cleanliness of cats to the domestic duties carried out by women
  • Cats are delicate, small, and graceful pets considered feminine traits.
  • A female cat nurse, its kittens, is likened to a nurturing mother.

Nevertheless, there is no scientific evidence behind the claims.

Why Would a Single Guy Own a Cat?

Companionship with animals should not be limited by gender.

Before you write off a single man with a cat, you should consider the potential reasons why men enjoy having cat company.

Some of the reasons for single guys to have cats in their home include;

1. Lifestyle Necessity

Animals provide companionship, but pets need attention and time.

However, some pets require less maintenance than others.

A cat is among the most independent pet, and you can leave it alone for an extended period.

If the guy works long hours, having a pet dog will make him restless and distressed.

On the other hand, a cat can easily adapt to this routine.

More so, cats are often less costly to maintain than dogs. Indoor cats are also less likely to experience injuries than dogs.

This makes cats more appealing to keep in terms of affordability.

2. Allergies To Other Animals

A significant percentage of people have allergies to dogs or cats.

Some men, in this case, single guys, can’t spend time around dogs.

While cat allergies are more common, dog allergies are worse because they shed more than cats and spend a lot more time near humans.

Therefore, you should not assume that the single guy is afraid of dogs or avoid them for uncertain grounds.

There is a chance that he likes dogs but cannot keep them because of allergies. They instead opt to keep a cat.

3. Rodent Infestation

No one would want mice infestation in their house.

Once the rodents get a hold of your property, they can be troublesome to get rid of. Using rodent fumigation can also be an intrusive and costly experience.

One of the best experiences is getting a cat. Some cat breeds are natural mouse hunters and will help kill, eat or deter rodents.

This is a possible reason for a single guy to own a cat.

4. Kindness

Feral and stray cats often go to homes looking for shelter and food.

Whether by design or accident, the cat might end up living in the home permanently. Due to his kindness, a man might have ended up with a cat by chance.

Look at it this way. A hungry cat approaches the home meowing pitifully and disheveled.

He offers it a tin of tuna out of kindness, and immediately the cat knows that it can trust the man to offer food and shelter.

This makes the cat return frequently and eventually take permanent residence. This is sheer kindness and not a failure in the man’s character.

5. Property Logistics

If the guy stays in an apartment, a dog might not be suitable.

Most dogs require plenty of space, including a backyard to run off energy.

Small dog breeds are an exception to this rule, but most people still view men with fluffy, small dogs as suspicious as cat owners.

Rental agreements might also authorize keeping cats and not dogs.

Cats are seen as less chaotic, quitter, and not as destructive as dogs. If a guy wants a bit of animal companionship, a cat might have been the only option.

6, Change In Situations

Some of the single guys have not always been on their own.

Therefore, a cat might be a keepsake from their former relationship.

Many couples love keeping cats as part of the family.

This means that similar to kids; they still fight over custody. Maybe the suspect man has kids from another relationship that relish visiting the cat. This means the cat has taken residence in the home.

Three Benefits of Dating a Cat Lover

There are several benefits of dating a man who loves cats. Cats are fussy and meticulous with their affections. For a cat to have a man as their friendly individual, he most probably has welcoming traits.

1. Loving nature

If a guy is willing to take care of a cat, he is nurturing and caring in nature.

This associates well with an ambition to have a family as having a cat serves as a trial run for raising a kid. Similar to children, cats need routine and order.

Like most pets, cats have special needs both emotionally and physically.

If the man is willing to sacrifice himself to fulfill the pet’s needs, he is caring and not selfish.

2. High self-confidence

As discussed above, various stereotypes are associated with single men with cats.

Therefore, he has high self-confidence for the guy to rise above the stereotyping and ignore the superstitions. Men do not adopt cats as a symbol of their status.

They do so because they love the cat and do not care what others think about them.

3. Great communicators

Besides meowing, cats use their body language to communicate with their owners.

Misinterpreting the cat’s body language will often result in scratching or biting.

Men with cats hence require to be good communicators.

Cat owners learn quickly to observe the least form of mannerism and react to it accordingly.

If a lady needs a good communicator partner, a cat lover is an ideal option. The men are less likely to wait for a loud, emotional outburst before responding.

Bottom Line

There you have it. There is nothing wrong or intrinsically strange about a single guy having a cat as a pet.

This is because there are many reasons for a single man to adopt a cat.

Instead, it suggests that he cares and loves animal companionship regardless of its species.