Should You Get a Cat If You Work a Full Time Job?

Getting a cat will provide a lot of joy in your life.

From playtime to snuggles, cats can bring much-needed fun and love to your life.

But one of the frequently asked questions is whether you can get a cat if you work full time.

So, Should You Get a Cat If You Work a Full Time Job?

Yes, you can get a cat if you work full time. Cats are better and easy to manage than dogs when it comes to caring for them if you have a full-time job. While the kitties certainly enjoy companionship and love, they are more independent and require less attention than dogs. Regardless, a cat still needs a lot of care and a decent amount of your time. Hence, you should be prepared to be met with attention demands, playing, and petting when you get back home. This will be stronger before the cat becomes used to your work routine; otherwise, she will be okay with time.

How To Care for A Cat If You Work a Full-Time Job?

Going away to work for the entire day can be difficult for both you and your cat.

However, there are several ways to enhance your relationship with your cat and keep her healthy while you still work full time.

Here are the best ways of caring for your cat if you work full time.

1. Food And Water

One of the foremost things to do to ensure the well-being of your cat while you are away for work is leaving enough food and water for your cat to last them the whole day.

When you spend more than eight consecutive hours outside, the first concern may be whether your cat is getting sufficient food and water.

When you get back home and the buddy’s water and food bowl is licked clean and are nagging you for food, they are likely underfed.

You can consider filling the cat’s bowl, but you can only put a single food serving in it.

More so, overloading it may result in your cat eating all the food at the house, which may cause digestive problems.

Hence, you might consider purchasing an automatic cat feeder to enable you to manage your cat’s meals easily.

2. Litter Box Training

You can begin litter box training your cat when they are about three weeks old.

This will be important if you plan to leave the buddy alone for many hours when on a full-time job.

One of the concerns is coming back home to find out your cat has left treats around the house for you to clean them up.

Therefore, the sooner you train the furry on using the litter box, the better for you when it’s time to work a full-time job. Ensure you leave the litter box in an accessible part of the house and also ensure you keep it clean.

3. Another Pet

While it will mean extra work, double the food, more litter, and mess, getting another pet is an excellent way of keeping your cat entertained while you work.

If your cat can find good companionship with another pet, they will have a play partner that will keep them less anxious and stressed that you are at work for the entire day.

Get two cats, most recommendable, littermates. This way, the cats will have each other for company while you are at work.

4. Toys And Fun

If you don’t opt-in investing in another pet for your cat, you can alternatively consider getting different types of toys for your cat.

Spending many hours indoors can make your cat feel lonely and depressed.

This is why you should ensure your cat has lots of mental stimulation. Toys will help keep your cat entertained during the day and keep them lively.

You can look into types of toys that your cat can enjoy playing with.

More so, you can look into imaginative things to keep your dog entertained, such as cat furniture, cat tunnels, or boxes.

You can also leave your TV on, set it on an animal-focused channel, or leave soft music that your kitty enjoys.

Just ensure that the volume is significantly low so your cat does not get disconcerted.

Don’t forget to set up some comfortable cat beds around the house if your cat requires sleep and ensure at least one is near the window where sunlight falls during the day.

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5. Pay Close Attention And Surveillance

Working full time will mean that you will be spending less time with your cat. You will hence require to pay extra close attention to their habits and behavior.

This is particularly important because cats are good at concealing illness and pain, making it harder to notice it if you interact with your cat for one or two hours a day.

You can do this by installing a surveillance camera system to help keep an eye on your cat and ensure that everything is okay with your cat.

It’s not appropriate to be carefree all day only to come back from work to find your kitty starving or has not done its daily routine.

6. Install Cat Flaps On The Door

If the cat you are getting is well-trained outdoors and you don’t have any reason to keep watch when she’s outside, you can install a cat flap on one of your doors.

The best option would be to install it in the back door so the cat can enjoy the backyard even when you are at work.

Getting out of the house for some time can be very good for your cat, but this is only if it is safe.

7. Maintain A Routine

Always leaving for a full-time job can disrupt the life of your cat. However, maintaining other routines can give your cat a sense of normalcy.

This can include setting up an automated feeder to feed her at the usual times or scooping her little box on a regular schedule.

More so, you should consider embracing a bonding activity that you always do when you come back from work, whether it is keeping her harnessed and going outside together or playing with a feather.

This way, leaving for work will seem normal for your cat, and she will always look forward to your daily coming home.

8. Make Leaving Fun

You can help your cat to live well when you are away from home by making your departure a fun activity.

You can achieve this by giving your cat a scavenger hunt when heading out of the door.

You can mask some treats around the house that your cat will have to hunt as you leave.

This will help disrupt the cat from the initial discomfort she may feel when walking out of the door.

Bottom Line

Overall, you can get a cat even if you work a full-time job. There are many things to do to ensure your cat feels happy and safe while at work.

If you feel a bit nervous about going to a full-time job, you should be assured that your cat will be fine as long as you do the right preparations and leave plenty of fun and entertainment for her while you are gone.


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