Is It Weird To Keep Your Deceased Pet’s Skull And Ashes?

Many people are closely attached to their pets.

They love them to the extent that some are willing to keep their skull and ashes when they die.

But isn’t this weird? Well, for some people, it is perfectly normal.

But, Is It Weird To Keep Your Deceased Pet’s Skull And Ashes?

Even though it is not common, people have been known to keep their pet’s skull and ashes then they die. All they have to do is send the skeleton to an excellent taxidermist, and it is brought back as cleaned bones.

These bones are preserved by the pet owner and kept for a variety of reasons. They are usually placed alongside the other essential artifacts in the home, and tender care is provided to the skulls and other bones of the pet.

Can Pets be Cremated?

Dead pets are sometimes cremated if they are not buried. Usually, the result is a pile of bones that are left behind after the cremation.

However, after the cremation, the bones left behind are generally very fragile and will often crumble after a while.

Also, when the pet is being cremated, their skulls are not known to explode, so many people choose to keep them.

However, the heat treatment usually causes the bones to be very fragile, and in case a heavier object falls on the skull, it shatters.

Cremation is an excellent alternative to burial and does not require that the pet owner has any real estate, for that matter.

There will be no need to rent a spot in the cemetery with the cremation, and the entire process is made a lot easier. It is also known to be less expensive than a burial and tends to hold greater significance.

How Can You Preserve Your Pet’s Ashes?

After the cremation, you can keep your pet’s skull and ashes. However, you need to keep some things in mind, such as the best means of preserving the ashes.

The Urn

Proper storage is required for the ashes, and there are plenty of options for this. Usually, the best means of protecting these ashes is using an urn.

The urn should be made from porcelain or another ceramic solid and should always be stored in a dry and safe place.

This way, you will get to hold the ashes and keep them preserved for a lot longer. Also, ensure that you place the urn in a place where it is not likely to fall.

For instance, a drop from a high location might cause it to crash down and shatter into pieces which would very likely mean that all the ash would be blown away by the wind leaving you without any remains of your beloved pet.

The ashes can also be stored away in a safe box sealed tight and locked away in a place where it is not likely to get any damage.

For instance, you should not let any moisture get into the ashes. This would have a disastrous effect on the remains of your beloved pet and would cause the integrity of the ashes to be affected.

Why Do Pet Owners Keep their Pet’s Skull?

There are many reasons why anyone would want to hold on to their pet’s skull, but the primary reason is that these are virtual memories.

1. Grieving

When the pet is alive, it is likely to have formed a strong friendship bond with the owner. These are the memories and moments that they both had together when the pet was alive.

Once the pet died, it must have been unfortunate and painful for the pet’s owner, which is why they decided to keep their skull even after they died. Preserving the skull is not always easy, showing the care the owner used to treat their pet.

Keeping the skull under all kinds of circumstances also helps the owner get over the passing away of their pet and ensures that they are fully recovered.

Recovering a loss with a memory to hold on to is much faster, and the main reason people are known to keep their pet’s skull.

2. Souvenir

Another reason people keep their pets skulls is simply as a souvenir. The pet passing on does not mean that it did not leave its memories behind. For this reason, keeping the skull for most people is a way of keeping the memories that they had with their pet.

Keeping the skull of your pet is also known to cause good luck to many people. It is considered a sign of property and favor with the gods to have your pet’s skull.

It is a practice that is rare to find, and the people that observe it are known to have pretty deep beliefs about the remains of their favorite pets.

For this reason, they will hold on to their skulls for better luck and a good wave of fortune. They are also known to be good luck charms that will ward off evil spirits and keep the owner protected at all times.

The same protection the pet used to provide when they were alive will be the same protection they will offer even when they are dead. The skull acts as a reminder of their unfading love and continuous protection even when they have passed on.

It helps the owner cope with their new life after the pet has passed on and is a reason many will be willing to pay for taxidermy to clean the bones and ensure that they are in a condition that can be preserved for longer.

There are many more reasons people are known to keep their pet’s skulls and ashes, but it’ll boil down to people’s beliefs about their pets.

Some believe that taking good care of their pets when they are alive means that the pets will return the favor when they are dead.

For this reason, they will preserve their remains in the best way they can and wait for their luck to turn.

Ashes Vs. Skulls: Which is Better?

Honestly, I would consider ashes to be less weird as a means of keeping the remains of your dead pet.

It is cleaner and easier to manage and does not attract a lot of attention.

A skull, in comparison, is known to attract a lot of unwarranted attention and does not form the same impression as a vase of ashes placed into the corner of a home.

Bones are also heavier and take up more space as compared to ashes. For this reason, I would still settle on the ashes compared to the bones when it came to preserving my dead pet.


When it comes to the preservation of dead pets, different people have varied beliefs.

Some people will have their pet cremated to be left with the ashes, which can be preserved in a sealed container.

Others will opt for cleaning the bones so that they can remain with the skull of the pets.

Both approaches are feasible, and it usually depends on the preferences of the pet owner.

How you choose to preserve your pet will depend on your relationship with the cat and how much you value them.

However, keeping your pet’s remains is known to bring good luck and fortune, and you will notice more excellent protection from your dead pet since they can ward off dead spirits better when they are dead.


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