Should You Put Your Budgie's Cage Near a Window?

Should You Put Your Budgie’s Cage Near a Window?

When you welcome your budgie home, you might be wondering the best place to place their cage in your house.

Most pet owners are drawn to the idea of placing the next to the window such that the buddy enjoys the sounds and sights the outside has to offer.

So, Should You Put Your Budgie’s Cage Near a Window?

Yes! It is okay to put your budgie’s cage near a window. Placing it near a window can provide some healthy exposure to the outside including sunlight and enjoying watching other birds and nature. However, this is not always the best thing for your budgie under particular circumstances. While some exposure to the outside is good and healthy for your bird, it can put your budgie at risk of being terrified or physically harmed. They might be scared of some things they might see outside such as large birds and too much traffic.

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Another factor is ensuring they don’t get too much exposure to direct sunlight as they don’t have sweat glands and might overheat quickly.

On the other hand, ensure they don’t get exposed to cold drafts during the winter season.

So, while you can put your budgie’s cage near a window, you should consider such factors.

It would not be recommendable to put the cage directly up against a window where they can’t avoid being affected by external factors.

It is best recommendable to place the cage in a partial view of a window to enjoy the benefits while also avoiding the drawbacks.

Why It Might Not Be Advisable to Place Your Bird’s Cage Near a Window

1. Healthy Sleep Habits

Your budgie requires significantly more rest than the average person and he requires to take it all at once.

These budgies need about twelve hours of sleep every night and placing your budgie’s cage next to the window might disrupt his sleep.

If the period between sunrise and sundown is less than twelve hours, you should keep the cage away from the windows or covered so he can get the sleep he requires without the sunlight waking him up too early.

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2. Room With A View

Budgies benefit from exposure to a range of dark and light environments.

This means keeping a budgie near the window can help.

However, the natural sunlight that comes in via the window might be harmful if he is directly in front of the window.

Overexposure to direct sunlight whether through the window or outside, can overheat your bird.

Therefore, place the cage in an area where he is exposed to natural light without sitting in it directly.

3. The Risk Of Night Frights

Budgies are particularly susceptible to night frights, which is a state of panic caused by waking up abruptly and becoming confused.

Budgies cannot see in the dark so if they are awake, they become terrified and can hurt themselves by thrashing in the cage.

If you keep the cage near a window, you should avoid leaving the window open at night because animals outside or headlights of a passing car could wake your bird and terrify him.

You may prevent this by covering the cage at night and running a machine that produces white noise so your budgie is not awakened by the sounds and sights from outside.

Five Tips For Placing Your Budgies’ Cage in The Right Place

Your budgie’s environment is very vital and hence essential to find the best location in your house for your cage.

A healthy bird should be in a well-placed cage.

Doing this will make your life and that of your budgie much enjoyable and easier.

Some of the tips for finding the proper spot in your house include;

1. Human socialization

Budgies are social animals. You should hence keep your bird’s cage in a place where your birds will regularly see and interact with the family members.

Most birds love attention and socialization and will become bored and stressed when placed in a cage located in an unused and empty room.

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But although birds love the interaction, too much commotion and noise will cause the bird to be anxious and can lead to health issues.

You should hence ensure that you don’t place the cage in a high-traffic and volume center in your house.

2. Maintain A Moderate Height Level

Wherever you place your budgie’s cage, ensure it is not too low or too high.

Birds get anxious and scared if the cage is too low.

Placing it around your chest level will be perfect.

If they are higher than the eye level of the owner, the birds might feel superior and when placed even higher, they will feel isolated from you below there.

3. Windows And Walls

If your budgie’s cage is located at the center of the room, your birds might feel scared and anxious because they don’t have somewhere to hide from danger.

Budgies require at least one side of the cage to be up against a wall as it offers a feeling of security. The best place to locate the cage is in a corner where they can be against two walls.

When it comes to windows, you should avoid putting the cage directly in front of the window, as outside factors like hawks, dogs, and storms may scare them.

You should also avoid keeping your budgie close to an air or heat conditioning g vent because the rapid temperature changes are not healthy.

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4. Prohibited Rooms

There are some forbidden rooms where you should not put your birdcage.

To start with, you should not keep your budgie’s cage in the kitchen because it can get too hot for your bird and the kitchen fumes can be very toxic.

Other factors such as sharp edges, open flames, and dangerous appliances make the kitchen unsuitable for any bird.

More so, you should avoid keeping the cage in the bathroom. The bathroom has varying heat and humidity, as well as toxic chemicals like hairspray that could poison your budgie.

You should keep your budgie in the bedroom for several reasons.

One reason is that most people do not spend a lot of time in the bedroom hence the budgie is more likely to be better in more trafficked areas.

Secondly, budgies might create relative air pollution through dust, molted feathers, seed hulls, poop, etc.

Breathing this stuff every night may not be good for your health mainly for individuals with preexisting allergies or breathing problems.

5. Poisonous places

You don’t want your bird to get poisoned, and you want to keep your bird from anything that could be toxic to him.

This should include man-made potential toxins such as scented candles and fresheners as well as poisonous plants such as philodendron, poinsettia, azalea, and oleander.

More so, if any of the family members smoke, ensure they don’t smoke anywhere near the cage as the cigarette smoke can be toxic to your bird.


While placing your budgies’ cage close to a window is healthy and allows him to enjoy nature, you should ensure the budgie is not getting direct sunlight and is in a position where he can ignore the external activities and noise.

But you can keep adjusting the position of the cage if you see your budgie having issues until you get him to the perfect location.


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