Is It Ok to Keep a Budgie in Your Bedroom?

If you have a budgie or are considering getting one as a pet, you probably wonder where you should keep it when you bring it home.

If you share your house with others, your bedroom might seem like the ideal place to keep your bird.

So, Is It Ok to Keep a Budgie in Your Bedroom?

The answer to this question is yes! You can keep a budgie in your bedroom. However, there are several factors that you should consider. Much of this depends on a case-by-case basis, so you should make your own decision before bringing a budgie into your sleeping space. There are many rules that you will require to follow to ensure your bird remains healthy and happy. Your budgie will require lots of company, a good routine, and the right lighting. Hence, you will need to ensure your bedroom is where you commonly reside as the budgies don’t like being left alone.

Why Is It Not Advisable to Keep a Budgie in Your Bedroom?

1. Allergies

The bird’s feathers generate dust which, together with their droppings, can trigger bad allergies to some individuals.

Bird’s fancier lung is a hyper-reaction of the immune system that can cause shortness of breath, inflamed lungs, and chest infections.

So, if you are allergic to your budgie, your bedroom might not be the best place to keep him.

2. Noise And Sleep Disruption

This applies to both you and your bird. If you are a late sleeper and like watching television before bed or keeping the light on to write or read, you can disrupt the sleep cycle of your budgie.

Even little noises such as turning and tossing can make your bird wake up several times per night. This is an important consideration because a sleep-deprived budgie is often a nippy and grumpy bird.

Most birds require ten to twelve hours of sleep each night, and lack of enough sleep can result in serious health problems.

On the other hand, your budgie can often disrupt your sleep.

Budgies will mostly be quiet as long as it is dark.

However, they might wake up at the crack of dawn and are likely to rouse you out of bed as well. This won’t be ideal, particularly if you require to sleep during daylight hours.

3. The Danger Of Isolation And Loneliness

One of the main reasons bedrooms are not the best places to keep your budgie is that most people do not spend a lot of time in their bedrooms during daylight hours, while budgies require a bedroom for a lot of company and interaction.

If a budgie feels lonely and isolated in the bedroom, she might start screaming for attention and become angry for being isolated from your family’s daily life.

It might even begin to bite and refuse to go back to the cage.

An isolated budgie is also likely to develop compulsive behaviors such as chewing the cage bars, pacing, or pulling feathers to counter the boredom.

Unless you and your friends spend significant time hanging out or your bedroom doubles up as your office, it is better to choose a more central area in the house to place your budgie.

4. The Risk Of Suffocation

When it is time to sleep, you should not risk sleeping with your bird on your bed.

There is a high risk of you rolling over and suffocating your bird during the night, which can be devastating.

Therefore, you should always put your budgie back in their cage and never share a bed with her.

As a precaution, it is best to put your budgie back in their cage late at night if you accidentally fall dead asleep.

Useful Tips If You Want to Keep Your Budgie in Bedroom

1. Clean The Birdcage Each Night

To decrease the risk of allergic reaction from your budgie and maintain your bedroom smelling fresh, it is important to keep the budgies’ cage clean by cleaning it each night before putting your budgie to bed.

With time, dust settles on the bars and bedding of the cage, resulting in allergies.

Regularly replacing the bedding and wiping it down quickly will help decrease both odor and dust.

You can also consider having all-natural, and freshly scented beddings. Pine chips help retain the cage’s freshness.

2. Give Your Budgie Baths As Often As Possible

Some budgies enjoy splashing a dish of clean water around, while others enjoy being misted with water from a spray bottle.

Either way, giving your bird regular baths will help reduce the dust in the air keeping your shared space cleaner and healthier.

If your budgie is a reluctant bather, you can consider bathing them in dripping greens hung from the cage’s side.

You can also teach the budgie to love taking a bath by rewarding them with treats.

Also, ensure to time your bathing sessions for your bird to dry before the night falls.

3. Cover The Cage At Night

Most birds quickly learn to accept having their cage covered at night and even start appreciating it.

This allows you to decide when the bird wakes up and ensures that he gets sufficient rest regardless of how long you stay on your computer at night.

However, you should ensure to use a safe covering.

A lightweight blanket is a good choice, but it requires breathability with no loose threads that can catch your bird’s nails or tangle the bird.

Hence, it is best to leave out a small space so that your budgie gets plenty of fresh air.

4. Provide Plenty Of Company

One of the best ways of keeping your budgie happy in your bedroom is ensuring you still give her sufficient company.

Ensure you still spend several hours with her daily, whether working from your bedroom or getting her out of the bedroom with you.

Alternatively, you should provide your bird with plenty of toys to entertain her when she is left alone.

Videos and music can occasionally keep your budgie company, but this is not a substitute for true companionship.

Your bedroom should not feel like lonely confinement for your budgie.

5. Use An Air Purifier

Regardless of the room in your house where you keep your bird, an air purifier is useful for keeping your lungs and budgie’s lungs clear.

Therefore, if you want to keep your bird in the bedroom, you should invest in a good purifier to maintain a clean and healthy atmosphere.

This is useful in reducing the risk of allergies.

6. Invest In A Few Bird Trees Or Play Stands

It is useful to have two or three bird trees or stands in other rooms of the house.

This allows you, budgie, to have a place to hang out with the family.

This way, your bird can have fun outside the cage in the bedroom as you carry out your usual daily routine.

If the bird trees and play stands are expensive for you, you can use DIY instructions to make one easily.

Bottom Line

Keeping a budgie in your bedroom is okay.

However, before keeping your parrot in your bedroom, assess if you spend most of your time in the bedroom to give your budgie company, your sleeping schedule and if you are willing to risk allergies for your bird to share a bedroom with you.

The details listed above will help you meet the needed criteria to ensure the budgie, and yourself stays safe in the bedroom.


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